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Hoop - Pi Pieces Earrings

How adorable are these earrings? We just love them! Our collection of "Pi Pieces" are handcrafted in .925 Sterling silver. 

Caring for your jewelry: Sterling silver tarnishes naturally, but with a minimal amount of care you can keep your jewelry sparkling.  To remove tarnish, we recommend a jewelry polishing cloth (you can snag one here). Stones may be cleaned with warm water with mild soap and a soft tooth brush.  Dry gently with a soft cloth.  When wearing your Pi Piece avoid contact with chemicals such as hair sprays, perfumes and lotions, which can accelerate the tarnishing process. We recommend storing your jewelry in an anti-tarnish lined jewelry box, wrapped in an anti-tarnish cloth or in a small non PVC bag. 

$ 27.00