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  • #Fashionfriday - The White Edition

    For those who believe you can't rock winter after Labor day here are a few helpful hints.

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  • 12 Fall Fashion Inspiration for You

    On our second Facebook Live Fashion Show, we showed you a ton of outfit inspiration that would be perfect for a casual day out this fall. We've also dressed up some of our models with garment pieces that would work perfectly for holiday dinners.

    Even our hosts rocked some pretty nice clothes that you could also wear. Go on and cop their amazing look by clicking on the links.

    Our hosts

    Here's Holly with one of our fastest selling fall pieces, a knit cold shoulder sweater in wine red, paired with denim and booties. Her layered Spartina 449 necklace added a nice touch to the overall look too.

    Meanwhile, December dressed up her sweater with black leggings, booties, and a statement necklace in pop color.

    12 fall fashion ideas

    First up is Taylor wearing an aqua ruffled top, which shows us that our autumn wardrobe doesn't always have to be in brown and black. We tossed a purple scarf as well to pop more color in this ensemble and paired the entire look with a Spartina 449 bag.

    The great thing about this look is that it's perfect for women of all age, shapes, and sizes. The top, specifically, would be loved by women who don't want to show off their arms so much. 

    Next is Danielle who also looked good in this teal cold shoulder top. The color is perfect for autumn, and the lace detail adds a nice feminine touch to the whole outfit. The pair of jeggings did a wonderful job of keeping it cool and casual. The hat looks adorable too, and we've accented this with a gold purse.

    Jodi came out looking boho country chic, and we absolutely loved her gray tunic with a long zipper at the back. Unzip this and you'll be able to add more detail to the top.

    Interesting facts: the headpiece she's wearing is actually a choker from Spartina 449, and her gray vegan leather boots have beautiful embroideries on the sides.

    Mona looked stunning with this wanderlust print tunic, which had a very leggings-friendly length. Its flowy and relaxed look definitely feels comfortable. We also let Mona wear a leather wrap belt to add a bit of waist to her petite frame. A pair of boots and leggings worked incredibly to give her a more youthful look as well.

    You've probably seen so many celebrities who have flaunted their baby bump in the most adorable and fashionable ways, and at our Facebook Live Fashion Show, Samara proved to us once again that preggo moms have a vast option of clothing beyond maternity dresses!

    Samara wore a tunic with pretty lace cuffs and topped it with a suede jacket. You have probably seen a lot of suedes and chokers this fall, so you might want to get these stuff in your wardrobe for the season. And of course, plaids always seem to never go out of season. This Spartina 449 bag is a great match for Samara's outfit.

    Here's another proof that you can't go wrong with plaids — Megan's tunic top with a vegan leather trim. Her long black vest also has a leather accent and, guess what, pockets! They're very fashionable and functional. If you're into vegan leather and pockets, you'll surely fancy this dress.

    We love Megan's over-the-knee boots as well. It has lace up at the back, and it looks so gorgeous.

    Taylor is back in a black and white cardigan, and underneath that, she's wearing a lace up tunic that kind of shows a great transitioning from spring. We paired these items with jeans, so this ensemble feels very laid-back and casual.

    Samara is also returning in a black jersey knit dress. You can either wear this as a dress alone or with a pair of leggings, and it would still look super cute! Wear them with plaid boots like the one Samara has on for a fun style.

    The red scarf is also perfect for transitioning into the holiday season, and her Spartina crossbody bag with its unique shape adds more character to the overall look.

    Sara sports another casual look that can easily transition to an outfit that's great for holiday parties. This ensemble certainly goes from day to night, as her jacket can be dressed up or dressed down. This jacket with gold flecks is very comfortable. Don't worry, they don't feel itchy at all.

    And of course, who wouldn't miss the cutesy Mama Bear graphic tee? Sara also wore a silver necklace as an accent piece, which also lent an elegant touch to her shirt-and-jeans look.

    Here's Mona once again in a periwinkle blouse and a Spartina scarf with Yemaya patterns. These are very refreshing hues amid the dark colors that you normally see during fall; they're so vibrant and youthful. You can definitely rock this outfit from office to party.

    If you're looking for a younger style, you'd surely fall head over heels with LaResa's lacey tunic paired with fleece-lined leggings. The Spartina scarf is an interesting piece added to the outfit as it features a lovely mermaid print.

    The Mountain Mamas tunic, by the way, gives back to charity, so part of the proceeds go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

    Last but not the least, Courtney enters in a stylish little black dress that every closet must have. The vegan leather detail of this LBD makes it stand out even more, and it's definitely a lovely dress to wear at parties. The Brighton handbag makes this look even classier too.

    If you're interested in purchasing Brighton bags, feel free to let us know by calling up or sending a message via our Facebook page.

    And that's it for our second Facebook Live Fashion Show! We hope you found clothes and other pieces that you would like to wear this season or over the holidays.

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  • 5 Things to Love about Fashion Week

    There’s always a lot of negative chatter when Fashion Week season kicks in. Many people don’t understand what the fuss is about, and you’ll probably hear criticisms about brands, designers, and the whole event here and there.

    Typically, the public reacts on how thin the models are or how unrealistic and awful Fashion Week is. People fail to realize that it’s more than what we see on the outside. Sure, a lot of the models are skinny, but recently, curvier women are also being featured on the runway.

    Sometimes we’re so used to nit-picking on fashion that we are not able to see the good things and just appreciate it for what it is. Whether your impression of Fashion Week is a bad one or you are an admirer, these five reasons will surely make you appreciate Fashion Week even more.

    It’s a designer’s form of self-expression.

      Every designer’s creation is an expression of himself or herself. It is the embodiment of their vision and of the things they believe in; it’s their way of telling stories. The fashion industry usually gets flack for getting slender models, but what you need to know is that this is unintentional. Designers usually create clothing with specific types of person in mind, so when they cast models to wear their clothes, they choose those that would best match the character of the clothes. This is just one aspect of a designer’s process, which ultimately roots from expressing themselves.

      It’s an expression of creativity.

        No matter what people say, fashion is art. It’s often considered irrelevant, but with the overflowing creativity you see on different runways, every piece of clothing is simply an artwork in itself. There is a vision and creative process for every collection that a designer comes up with, and this is the same with other artists like painters, musicians, and writers. Fashion Week is pretty much like what concerts are to musicians or what exhibits are to visual artists.


        Its’ entertaining.

          Again, let’s appreciate Fashion Week for what it is. Some people take fashion to heart, while others are plainly entertained by it. Well, why not? It is actually entertaining. Every presentation of a collection is a show that has been organized by hardworking and talented professionals, and these people do so because they want the audience to enjoy every minute of it — so sit back and just enjoy the show.

          It’s a stepping stone for many designers.

            Designers don’t get much credit for all the effort and hard work they have put in. It’s not an easy thing to spend months creating a collection of clothing. Fashion Week is a way of recognizing the determination and talent that brought all the clothes you’re seeing on the runway into fruition. Being able to make it on Fashion Week is a milestone for many designers, especially the new ones. It’s their chance to be known in the industry, to introduce their own clothing line, and to create meaningful partnerships with fellow designers and entrepreneurs.


            It’s magical.

              Every day during Fashion Week is a surprise and a spectacle. Every show is a new experience, and every collection is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Of course, not all fashion shows can be transformative, but there are definitely magical moments sprinkled across the entire event, which will make you feel lucky that you were there to witness them all. You may find these moments in a small piece of fabric, in the swish of a model’s dress, or even in the glorious silence of an audience in sheer awe.

              Fashion Week is more than just what you see on the catwalk. It’s the culmination of all the hard work that designers have done with their blood, sweat, and tears.

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            1. 10 Best-Selling Fashion Books on Amazon

              You might be wondering, it was just last August 9th when we had the National Book Lovers Day, and now on September 6th, we’re supposed to be observing National Read a Book Day. What’s with all these bookish holidays, and what’s the difference?

              The two special observances may seem similar, but National Read a Book Day is more about actually grabbing a book that you think you would like and spending the entire day reading it.

              Here at Pi Style Boutique, we are always in love with fashion, so we might be picking up a fashion book for today. If fashion is something that also interests you, you might want to check out these top-selling fashion books on Amazon.

              Survey of Historic Costume Phyllis G. Tortora and Sara B. Marcketti

              If you want to know more about the roots of Western dress, from the ancient times up to the 21st century, Survey of Historic Costume is one of the most reliable reference books out there. Facts are presented in a very organized structure consisting of visuals, illustrated tables, and hundreds of photographs. This book will show you the role of dress from a larger and global perspective. It’s perfect for students or anyone who’s learning about the history of fashion.


              Vogue: The Covers by Dodie Kazanjian

              Vogue offers its most iconic covers over the past 125 years in one single stunning book. This is the magazine’s tribute to the tradition of beauty and excellence, so prepare your heart for the most beautiful cover art pieces as you flip through the pages.

              Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

              One of the most revered designers in the history of fashion, Alexander McQueen is considered as one the most provocative and influential geniuses of his generation. In this book, you’ll get to examine his entire career, right from the start of his own label up until the success of his London house. The book also features his most radical and most quintessential designs, which will surely ignite your own creativity and originality.

              Kate Spade New York: All in Good Taste by Kate Spade New York

              This is the perfect book to lounge with on Read a Book Day if you prefer something light, entertaining, and practical. This guide is filled with anecdotes, personal essays, how-tos, and even recipes that’ll turn you into the modern-day hostess everybody likes.

              Tom Ford by Tom Ford

              Tom Ford is another fashion icon worth reading about. This book is a reflection of his exceptional taste as a fashion designer, and it features a complete catalogue of his works for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Every page will make you appreciate his ingenuity even further.

              Chanel (Memoire) by Francois Baudot

              Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel reinvented and introduced a modern concept of luxury during her time. She was truly a revolutionary designer who gave us the concept of understated luxe. This three-part volume features Chanel’s contributions to fashion, fine jewellery, and perfume.

              Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style by DK

              Giving you a low-down on the evolution of fashion, this book is sure to capture the heart of every student of fashion in the world. It is a beautifully illustrated guide on the trends and developments in the clothing industry.

              The Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory by Gail Baugh

              This could just be the bible of dressmakers and fashion designers, as it features a comprehensive resource about the various types of fabric best suited for specific garments. The book details the qualities of each fabric type as well as other fundamentals in fashion design.

              Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age by Graydon Carter

              This book will show you a century’s worth of iconic and groundbreaking fashion. Starting from the inception of Vanity Fair in 1913 up to the modern era, it offers a look at the world from the eyes of the magazine.

              The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

              Learn the tricks and secrets of style straight from the horse’s mouth. This handbook is a charming guide for every woman, covering a variety of topics ranging from how to tie a scarf to what to wear to a wedding. It’s a very valuable book that emphasizes three fashion fundamentals: simplicity, grooming, and good taste.


              Pi Style Boutique is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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            2. New York Fashion Week takes its roots back to the 1940s, and up to this very day, it’s still a much-awaited event for fashionistas and designers around the globe. With all its citywide events, fashion shows, dinners, parties, and presentations, there’s always quite a lot to look forward to — of course, apart from all the gorgeous clothes you’ll get to see on the runway!

              We’re probably as giddy as you every time we hear or read anything about NYFW, so we totally understand if you can’t get enough of it. Check out our seven awesome internet finds about New York Fashion Week — because we know you’re just craving for more!

              Look back on the “prettiest looks” from the NYFW runway earlier this year, courtesy of Marie Claire

              Feast your eyes on the most fabulous pieces on New York Fashion Week! With LOTS of photos on this article, you’ll surely be able to do some trendspotting as you keep scrolling.

              Get a good laugh with Fashionista’s funny starter pack memes for every type of person at NYFW

              New York Fashion Week isn’t just about the serious, straight-up fashion. We’re pretty sure that fashionistas have a sense of humor too, so here’s something to tickle your funny bone.

              Find out what it feels like to attend the New York Fashion Week through Allison McNamara’s personal experience

              In her blog, she shares about her experiences of covering the event as a fashion blogger. Although she has been to the fashion week 14 times before, she says that the 15th time was really special for her. Read on this personal story and get a look on what’s it like on New York Fashion Week.

              Fashion Bomb Daily shares ten of the most memorable NYFW moments over the past few years

              This article promises a nice trip down memory lane. Full of unforgettable moments, it will definitely put a smile on your face as you go back to those times.

              Ready your pen and paper for Audrey’s “blogger tips for New York Fashion Week”

              If you’re blogger who’s planning on going to the New York Fashion Week for the first time, Audrey’s tips will certainly prepare you for what’s in store. This is article is very insightful and practical, so you’ll find them useful for sure.

              Dig a little deeper with Maya Singer’s article on Vogue

              Maya Singer weighs in on the issue that New York Fashion Week is dead. She writes many great points that are worth noting so better start reading her article now!

              Help yourself with Poor Little It Girl’s guide on how to attend NYFW if you’re a blogger

              Some people can only dream of going to the New York Fashion Week, so if the chance as presented itself upon you, make it count by preparing yourself even months before the event. Poor Little It Girl’s detailed account will give you a clear idea on the steps that you could do to maximize your time at NYFW as a fashion blogger.

              Photos are included from the source we referenced in this blog.

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            3. 8 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day

              Back when societal standards were much stricter and many frowned upon individuality, people made up all sorts of crazy rules when it came to clothing. One of the silliest is the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day.

              Sure, white is a perfect color for summer, but you can still rock the color no matter the time of the year, or the weather!

              Need some inspiration? Check out these eight ways to wear white after Labor Day.

              1. Cover up a floaty white maxi dress or jumpsuit with an oversized sweater to stay warm and still feminine.

              1. Pair a crisp white button down with a statement skirt and boots for a rock and roll look.

              1. What’s the perfect accessory to bring a white dress to the current season? Gorgeous thigh high boots!

              1. Crisp white trousers and a vibrant top is an amazing combo for all the holidays you will be attending during the festive season.

              1. Cami dresses are making a comeback! Slip on a cami dress over a comfy white t-shirt and pair it with a bold or dark lipstick for a season-appropriate look.

              1. A white fuzzy sweater is the perfect choice for when the weather starts getting more than just a little chilly.

              1. A chunky cable knit sweater plus white jeans is a killer casual outfit for fall. Top it all off with some nice leather boots and you’ve got minimum effort, maximum chicness.

              1.  What better way to break the silly no white after Labor Day rule than to wear an (almost) all-white winter outfit? This white, beige, and blush outfit can keep you warm and cozy during cold winter days.

              No matter how you decide to rock a white outfit after Labor Day, the most important thing to remember is to forget about the silly, archaic fashion rules and just have fun!

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