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  • There’s always something exciting about going back to school after a well-deserved break. Whether it’s because of the college cutie you’ve been crushing on or the interesting classes and mentors who inspire you, you’ll surely find yourself thinking that it’s actually nice to be surrounded once again by the familiar halls of your college.

    Re-inventing yourself

    Of course, going back to school also means new beginnings. Cliche as it seems, starting a new semester is a great opportunity to meet more friends and fellow scholars, to learn new things and to widen your perspective, and to re-invent yourself.

    Re-inventing yourself doesn’t mean drastically changing who you are. In fact, it’s about exploring different facets in your life and further developing your personality. You can do all these if you’re confident with yourself, and one way of being confident is if you also feel good about how you look.

    But how exactly can you feel good with the way you look? There are many ways that you can achieve this, but the easiest thing that you can do is dressing up like a professional while maintaining a young, fresh appeal.

    Check out these five tips on dressing for college:

    1. Go with whatever feels right for you.

    College is an awesome time to experiment with different styles. You’re not bound by dress codes or uniforms, so you can freely express yourself through every piece of clothing. With this in mind, just go with whatever feels right for you. Pick out clothes that can give you comfort and the kind of style you want.

    1. Combine contrasting elements or clothing pieces.

    A perfect example of this is pairing distressed jeans with a blazer and big necklaces. This style easily gives you that youthful and fun vibe, and it also lends you an aura of maturity without being mistaken for a professor. Apart from blazers, you can also match your distressed denim with silk or sheer blouses — a combination that perfectly balances a rugged and a dainty look.

    If you love wearing skirts, you might want to try pairing a pencil skirt with a regular t-shirt. Then, slip on your gladiator sandals or sneakers to complete the look. T-shirts are amazing, don’t you think? They’re very easy to dress up or dress down, and they look great no matter how you wear them.

    1. Accessorize.

    Accessories can make you look more professional and more put together. Wear them over a basic shirt and see yourself transform with a dash of sophistication. Just be careful in selecting accessories, though. Make sure that they’re the right size and you’re not over-accessorizing.

    1. Learn the art of layering.

    Layering could be as simple as wearing a blazer over a t-shirt and pairing them with your favorite jeans. You could also try tank tops and denim skirts, plus a long cardigan. Scarves, jackets, and even accessories can be used as well to add “layers” to your outfit.

    1. Check Pinterest for inspiration.

    Cop the look of celebrities and fashion bloggers and enthusiasts. You’ll see lots of photos on Pinterest that you could use as inspiration or reference. Take note of the elements that you like best and mix them up to create your own style.

    Wouldn’t you agree that college is a fantastic time wherein you could start your journey towards finding your personal style?

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  • Getting Rid of "Mommy Guilt"

    Moms are the real superheroes. They take care of their kids and family day and night, and they sacrifice a great deal just to ensure that everyone is okay. They prioritize other people over themselves and offer up their time just to be of service to others.

    The amazing ladies of Pi Style Boutique's fashion show, "Step into Spring"

    Tips on managing your time

    In Mallory Sills’s The Style Success Podcast, she talks to her guest Louise Edu about the challenges of time management. Louise gives precious tips that are not just useful for mom-preneurs and mom-bosses, but also for ladies who aren’t moms.

    1. Get rid of your to-do list.

    To-do lists do not have a structure. They’re basically just that — a list. It doesn’t show you a process of how you should go about the tasks systematically, so it ends up being counter-productive instead.

    Ditch your to-do list and write down a schedule instead. For every task that you need to do, make sure that a specific time is attached to it. This way, you are able to keep yourself accountable, and you lend a sense of urgency to the task. Moreover, by writing a schedule, you have a realistic idea of how much you can actually accomplish within a given time. This will keep you from bombarding yourself with things that you cannot possibly do in one day.

    1. Schedule in time with your kids.

    Include family time in your daily schedule so that you can be sure you won’t be neglecting time with your kids. And when you’re finally with them, make an effort to disconnect from your mobile and prevent all kinds of distractions. Ensure that the time you have allotted is exclusively for them.

    By doing this, you can let go of the “mommy guilt” that you may be feeling. The fact that you are spending time and energy on yourself and on things that you enjoy may seem selfish, but feeling good about yourself is important as it sends a message of self-love to your kids. It also leads to a ripple effect. When you feel great about yourself, you carry that same positive energy towards your children.

    So do something for yourself. Whether it’s putting up a business that you’re passionate about, getting into a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, or dressing up to look and feel nice, go ahead and make yourself happy, just like these lovely women!

    Amanda, a basic colors kind of girl, dressing up with a funky and striking color combination

    Ashley, the working momma, sporting a pop of color in an outfit that reflects both business and play

    Marilou showing us that you can be casual, hip, and cool at any age

    1. Stop thinking you can do everything in one day.

    There are only 24 hours in a day. If you can’t accomplish all the things you wish to do in a specific day, don’t feel bad about it. There’s really no pressure because you can always continue doing it the next day. Don’t put too much on your plate; go easy on yourself.

    How to switch your limiting beliefs into something positive

    It would also help to switch your mindset from the limiting beliefs that you may have. Some of these typically include:

    “If I spend time on my business, I lose time for my kids.”

    Instead of feeling guilty about this, you should think about how your business enables you to create abundance and opportunity. In the long run, these things will allow you the luxury of time.

    “I’m not qualified because I’m ‘just a mom’.”

    Being a mom should not be a hindrance to anything that you want to achieve. You are a mom! You are not “just a mom.” You are capable of doing so many things, so you are definitely up to scratch. Go ahead and uplevel your life; it’s okay to want more for yourself and for your family. It’s okay to create opportunities to attain financial abundance for your kids. It’s okay to have your own style that makes you feel good.

    “Moms don’t ask for help.”

    Moms are the real superheroes, without a doubt. However, you also need to keep in mind that you can’t be everything for anyone. You’ll mess up once in a while, and that’s fine. If you can’t do something on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help. In one way or another, other people, especially moms, are going through something similar — you’re not alone. It would also mean a lot if you could embrace your flaws and love yourself including all your imperfections.

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  • Earlier this year, Pantone released its Fashion Color Report for Fall 2017. Based on various collections by fashion designers on New York Fashion Week, this report highlights the top ten color trends for men’s and women’s fashion.

    Pantone Fall 2017 Colors - Pantone Color Institute

    Photo by Pantone Color Institute

    Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that “the color palette for Fall 2017 leans more to warmth.” However, apart from the comforting colors that nicely exude the vibe of the fall season, standout hues are also present to add a “striking touch.”

    True enough, the Pantone colors for Fall 2017 has left everybody in awe. If you’re scouring for fashion finds to gear you up for the season, better check out this list of fashion inspirations for Pantone’s Fall 2017 colors.

    1. Know more about the characteristics of each shade straight from Pantone Color Institute, and get swatches of the ten colors for Fall 2017.
    1. On her article on Refinery29, Ana Colon rounds up how the ten shades have ended up in Pantone’s Color Report. The article features a lot of really great fashion pegs. You might want to bookmark their compilation of runway favorites for your next shopping spree.
    1. On her piece for Fashionisers, Virginia Cafaro notes that the Pantone colors for Fall 2017 “will make anyone happy, from those who love more conventionally fall-inspired shades, to those who like to mix things and surprise everybody with less conventionally autumnal-inspired fashion patterns.” And we couldn’t agree more! Pantone Fall 2017 features neutral colors like “Butterum” and “Neutral Gray” as well as eye-catching hues like “Grenadine” and “Marina.”
    1. Meanwhile, Thalia from FiftyFlowers offers a really good point, commenting that “these color trends transition into the wedding industry too.” If you’re walking down the aisle this fall, you might want to see her beautiful flower recommendations for the season.
    1. Andrea Cheng lists down on Allure the ten Pantone colors for fall, as she also mentions the celebrities who have been spotted wearing these lovely hues on the red carpet. Emma Stone’s dazzling dress is definitely hard to miss!
    1. NYC Stylist shares with us their top ten favorite looks during the New York Fashion Week. A lot of their finds are so precious — you’ll surely fall head over heels for the Ballet Slipper dress from Elie Saab and Hermès’ Butterum outfit.
    1. If you want a general idea about what colors go perfectly together, Erika Firm’s Pantone color palettes are the guide you’re looking for. They are quite helpful not just in picking out fashion pieces but in interior design as well. According to her, she “had fun pairing my favorite 2017 Spring and 2017 Fall colors together, along with the Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, to create some trendy color palettes for 2017.” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
    1. Taking the Pantone colors a little bit further, the BrideStory has created three wedding palettes based on the Fall 2017 shades. They also share some great advice on how to mix and match the colors in order to suit different types of brides.
    1. Sarah Clark has also made color palettes featuring Pantone’s Fall 2017 colors. Although she intended these palettes to be used by artists, the color combinations can also be used as references when picking out clothes and accessories.
    1. Speaking of accessories, this article by The Vivienne Files will give you an idea about Pantone-inspired accessories that you can use to accentuate your look. Use the color palettes that we have shared earlier to know which colors will work splendidly together.

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  • From one of the best beer bars in Baltimore, Max's Taphouse, comes Max's Waxhouse!

    Eight varieties to choose from and the four-pack packaging makes an amazing presentation. Made from repurposed beer bottles consumed right at Max's Taphouse. Burns for approximately 50 hours and is made with a quality soy wax, with each fragrance being crafted to emulate some of their most extraordinary beers.

    Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles

    A portion of your candle purchase goes to help the non-profit Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation which provides exceptional hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families.

    Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles

    These candles all smell awesome!

    Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles Beer Bottles Recycled Into Candles

    So stoked to bring this to Dayton!

    Check out the Beer Cap Traps in our next blog post!

    Beer Caps Recycled Into Art

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  • Back to School Mommy-Daughter Shopping Harmony - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    It’s time to shop for school clothes.

    Shopping for school clothes with your daughter (or son!) doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience.

    Don’t dread this activity you can turn it into a fun experience you’ll remember from years to come.

    Back to School - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique 

    Three rules for you … the parent ~

    1) Pick your battles.  Some things are just not worth arguing over.  I like to use this rule all the way around.

    2) Don’t force your daughter into your style.  We know it’s difficult but you should also not be trying your daughter’s style on you!

    3) Be present.  Put the phone away!  Plan for a full day of dedication to your kids and shopping!

    Mommy-Daughter Shopping - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    Start planning your shopping trip ~


    • Evaluate and clean out her closet – Evaluate your daughter’s closet with her, and determine what she’ll need for the school year. This is a great moment to help her learn this important skill.
    • Start an idea board – Now that she knows what she needs, have your daughter start looking through magazines or on Pinterest, and start putting together ideas or styles that she likes.


    • Establish a budget – It’s never too early to learn to be responsible with finances. So, give your daughter a budget beforehand so she can start getting an idea of what she should buy to maximize her budget.
    • Establish a dress code – Your daughter’s school likely has a dress code, and you may have certain expectations based on your family’s values. Make sure you address these with your daughter before your shopping trip.


    This is by far the most important step. Show your daughter that this shopping trip is important to you, and make it into a fun day out with each other.

    • Set a date – Pick a day where you’ll both have plenty of time to shop without being rushed.
    • Add an activity – There’s no reason to limit this trip to just shopping. Make it a date and go see a movie or sit down for lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant.
    • Give her a special piece of jewelry – Make her feel special by giving her a necklace with her initials, or a piece that reminds you of her. Make sure to tell her why you chose what you did.


    Time for the big day! As you shop, be helpful to her, and keep the following things in mind.

    • Let her be herself – The more she feels like she is expressing herself, the happier she will be about what she is wearing.
    • Let her make mistakes – If she’s insistent about buying something that you know she won’t wear/will regret, you may want to let her make that mistake (as long as it’s within the bounds you’ve set) and learn from it.
    • Find teaching moments – As she’s making decisions, find moments to teach about how to shop (i.e., make sure she has her wardrobe staples, make sure she buys clothes that are good quality and will last, etc.)


    This is a big one! Unlike clothes, jewelry can truly last a lifetime, so be sure to help her make good choices for her accessories.

    • Teach her the importance of basics – Make sure she has pieces that she can wear every day that go with most of her wardrobe.
    • Help her complete the look – Teach her how to use a piece of jewelry to tie an outfit together (this is especially helpful for you if you aren’t loving the outfit, and can help it with an accessory).

    Mom Daughter Shopping - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

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  • A new service we started here at Pi Style is helping you and your closet to look complete while pairing down the unwanted clutter.

    Personal Shopper - Closet Edit - Capsule Edit - Wardrobe

    Our stylists can assist with clothing, shoes, and accessories for every occasion including daily casual, work, and nights out. There is nothing more confidence boosting than having a well fitting, put together outfit that compliments you and the task at hand.

    Our capsule edit is a 90-minute, one-on-one virtual styling session with your stylist conducted via Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. Whether you are looking to makeover your work wardrobe or finally figure out how to do casual wear in a chic way—your stylist will help you make sense of your style and your closet. Together, you and your stylist will sort through up to 30 pieces you already own while your stylist provides feedback on how each item works within your selected capsule. After your edit you’ll receive a detailed checklist of pieces you need to perfect your work or weekend capsule and suggestions on how to style those pieces with items you already own. 

    • Must choose between a Work Capsule or Casual/Weekend Capsule
    • Every additional hour is charged at $100/hour 

    A $100 shopping credit will be applied to the first purchase you make after your wardrobe edit to help you immediately begin building on the plan you and your stylist set for completing your dream wardrobe. 

    Cost ~ $200

    Wardrobe Styling - Our Stylist - Closet Clutter

    Wardrobe edits to your shopping experience at Pi Style Boutique by bringing you and your stylist together for a three-hour, in-person styling session. Your stylist will go to your home and help you sort through all the pieces you own to identify which ones to keep, which ones to donate to charity, and which ones to throw away. She’ll also provide you with tips on how to style the pieces you already own and how to complete your looks with essential items from our boutique. The end result will be a curated closet of outfits you can wear with confidence, and a set of wardrobe goals to direct your next season of styling. 

    • Must live in Montgomery County area 
    • Every additional hour is charged at $100/hour 

    If you don’t live in the area but you’d still like to edit your closet with the help of our stylist, virtual edits are available for all clients through Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. 

     A $200 shopping credit will be applied to the first purchase you make after your wardrobe edit to help you immediately begin building on the plan you and your stylist set for completing your dream wardrobe. 

    Cost ~ $500

    We would rather you spend your hard earned money on what you are going to wear. Because let's face it, your hanger shouldn't be wearing a blouse with tags on it!



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